Secrets of the Mind

The first step on the road to success Stephen R. Covey notes is good character, the second is openness to new perspective, the third is ensuring that daily action is shaped by a higher aim with the knowledge that “you always reap what you saw.” This principles in today’s world are either been ignored or not learned by many who are seeking to be great in what they do, whether it is in career, business, academics or home making something that I know very little about.

The unknown lands of the minds

The unknown lands of the minds has three levels, the conscious, the sub-conscious and super conscious. The conscious part of the mind you think of as being you but represent a very small part of the mind. Successful people have a good relationship between this and the sub-conscious, which they direct to create things for them and solve their problems.

The sub-conscious part of the brain knows how to do a million things perfectly, including running your body and will do them if you let it. The sub-conscious which I will also call the unconscious contain all the knowledge a person had ever gained but also the knowledge of every other person who’d lived.

This part of the mind is morally mutual however and very open to suggestion, if you give the sub-conscious thoughts and images of plenty and success, it will go to work and make them a reality if you give it negative thoughts it will create negative circumstances.

The feeling we get at times of being guided to better things or away from bad expressed in terms of a guardian angel or a kindly genius is in fact a faction of the super-conscious mind. That part of us is touch with the all knowing and all seeing universal mind. This unseen hand of a higher self rather than being the realm of nut cases is quietly a ttested to what most people experience, if for assistance it will be forth coming.

We worry about the deforestation or running out of oil, but we don’t seem to care about loss of mental power if we are not using our mind. People eat, sleep, and work without ever realizing the wealth that lies within them, we all had that we only use 10 percent of our brain power, according to psychologist William James, but even if that’s wrong even if its 20 percent, this leaves us with an engine running with nowhere to go. A lot of unutilized brain power.

To be one of the doers and thinkers you have to stretch yourself, the majority of failures in life are simply the victims of their mental defeat. Individual who plug along in mediocrity do so because they do really believe in themselves therefore there is always a way opened for the determined souls. Just as a highly magnetized piece of metal can lift another piece, ten times its size so a highly magnetized person charged with confidence and purpose can do at least ten times more than another who is not so energized.

Once you have achieved, you are more likely to achieve again because, you now have it in you to succeed. When you strongly desire something and believe that you will have it, it sets in motion a mental whole pool that sucks in the things, people and circumstances necessary to enable its realization, you develop a momentum that allows to continue achieving but with less energy. The greatest discoveries came from a person who actually noticed something everyone else had seen, the biggest fortunes were made out of opportunities that many had but only one person grasped.

It’s not that unsuccessful people never see opportunities they do, but they differ from people who are called winners, and that they rarely have the will or courage to act on a good idea, they give themselves only the reasons why something couldn’t be done while the winner only thinks how it can be done.

First success in life has to be seen into life through formation of images, why is visualizing something you desire so important to its attainment, everything made in the real world begins as an image, God imagined the world before it was made, and you too imagine your future before it comes into being, the trick is to visualize an image make it purposeful and positive. Create a collage with images of the things you want in life, by looking at this images several times a day you prepare their way for their entry into your life.

Power flow from a higher to a lower potential, not the other way round, therefore always imagine the best possible outcome and the forming of reality will follow this design.

Intensity of desire and will may seem paradoxical but few people do know what they want, humans make bundle of wishes and wants but unless we horn this hankering to a sharp point, we will forever drift to the sea of unfulfillment. Great souls have wheels, fewer have only wishes. Every great thing begins as discontent, with the desire of something different.

The challenge is to refine our longing and discontent into a single powerful purpose, you being this process by making a list of the things you desire then weeding out the things that won’t serve you in the long run. If you are not sure which desires are best ask yourself, will it make me stronger better and efficient?

When you have arrived at your single encompassing desire or definite ideal its easier to cast off the non-essentials of life in a way the drifting thinker can never contemplate using a nautical analogy.  The definite ideal is like a grain of sand which exists at the centre of every parole and about which the porous material has gathered it’s the big idea around which your constrictive imagination builds, deposits and accumulates its wealth of materials.

Once you have this sense of purpose, be willing to pay the price, impose discipline on yourself and never let-up on attaining your one true desire, if your not brilliant it doesn’t matter in the long run because the law of average means if you persist you will reap the rewards. Also be aware and greatful of the hidden hand of the guardian angel that helps you towards achieving your aims, have faith that you will achieve your goal just as  you have faith that the sun will rise in the morning, yet this faith is not spiritual, its rational, singularity of purpose can produce a relaxed knowing, a faith in you future triumphs that all really successful people share, the sense of gratitude and knowing attracts what you want on the principle that ‘like seeks like’ things flow to the person who already appear to have.


Author: davidaswani

ati Aswani IMG_9441 I am an enterprise consultant, a creative and a tech enthusiast. Am also undertaking my certification in network security at the Cisco Academy. In my spare time, I improve my skills through training’s, tech gatherings and networking. Some of the things that am passionate about is traveling, art, volunteering and cycling, those are the things that keep my blood circulating.

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