Am driving on Sunday afternoon, it is a beautiful day, onboard are my two cousins (ladies) and a couple of kids filling the back seat, we are enjoying some of my favorite music on one of the FM stations until a topic about the elections creates an interruption. One of my passengers tells of an event that took place in their office, which is housed at the UN complex, their director taking time out of his busy day to talk to them about the coming general elections and the difference it might make.

What are the possibilities of having free, fair and peaceful elections in Kenya, the coming general elections? That was the question. In an office filled with many middle class souls, and a few P4s well paid expatriates, they had all figured out. The elections better be peaceful for several reasons, among them, the country needs to be stable to make the jobs stable, the jobs need to be stable to make the finances stable, i.e. bank accounts, mortgages, stocks at the NSE, real estate development,  which needs to be stable to make their lives stable. In the quest to achieve this ends, the decision of who to elect cannot be divorced from the fact that we have to elect people on the principles they stand for in this case the leading one being the rule of law and implementation of the new constitutional.

The bill of rights in chapter four,  article (21) from which I derive strength in writing this article elaborates on the implementation of the freedom that come there after including the  three freedoms, namely of the media, expression and to access information which make it possible for you to read this article. This new constitution, facing challenges on its road to full implementation is the document that  will secure our future and the future of many generations to come.

However, it’s being fought by a few greedy individuals, who want to manipulate it for their personal gains. Its life is being threatened. If the elections came today, this country would need voters to take time and make a decision that will move this country forward, electing a leaders with good morals and integrity, who will not use his chance in office benefiting him or herself, and most importantly who will have the courage to implement this constitution to the last article.

Practice the rule of 10

One of the things that came up in our talk was the youth, and their vote playing the ‘swing’ in this general election. There has been a campaign for the youth to take leadership of this country but a few members of parliament who fall into this bracket have been a disgrace to the fellow youth. They have abused this constitution, displayed uncouth behaviors and not championed youth issues in the August house. Despite all that, they have used the same youth to accomplish their evil deeds.

Its about time the youths took charge to save this county with our swing vote, and to do this we have to visualize the strides this country would make if we elected leaders on the basis of what they believe in and not on tribal lines. ‘The rule of 10’, is simple. If every day as a youth I could talk to 10 young people who will in turn talk to 10 people each, we will multiply to 100 young speople within two days.

The magic of compound interest will help us in doing this, in that if every young Kenyan would talk to 10 youths, consistently, whether face to face, by telephone, on social media or through music, educating them on the importance of using their swing vote wisely, by the time we get to the elections, we will have all our swing votes in the right box.

The youth need to know that the rich and the middle class have their interests at heart, they know how to vote, and since it is us who will be deciding who gets to the ‘soon to be vacant’ house on the hill, it’s our turn to swig our vote to action and we can only do that by practicing the rule of 10.


Author: davidaswani

ati Aswani IMG_9441 I am an enterprise consultant, a creative and a tech enthusiast. Am also undertaking my certification in network security at the Cisco Academy. In my spare time, I improve my skills through training’s, tech gatherings and networking. Some of the things that am passionate about is traveling, art, volunteering and cycling, those are the things that keep my blood circulating.

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