Thick Face Black Heart

Thick Face Black Heart – Chi-Ning-Chu

In a Nutshell:- Reclaim the killer instinct as a natural part of who you are.

In 1949, as Mao’s communist army closed in on shahngai, a family boarded what was to be that last commercial fright out of china. Chi-Ning-Chu only three years old had been born into a world of affluence but when chi and her family landed in Taiwan, they will have to start all over again. In her early twenties she moved again this time to the United States, two books accompanied her, the famous Art of war and Thick Black Theory. There was something in this later book that Chu knew was important, published in 1911, she describes it as a frank discussion of the use of ruthlessness and hypocrisy that was such a challenge to the powerful and it was quickly banned. The book would become an important source of Chu’s unique philosophy of life and business expressed in Thick Face Black Heart, the Asian path to thriving, winning and succeeding.

Thick Face

Chu simply combines the Asian concept of face, that is saving face, and the western concept of a thick skin to make thick face, meaning a self-image that allows us to brush of criticism she observes that if you are willing to have people not like you, you will go far. Chu notes that the world has a tendency to accept our own judgment of ourselves. If you exude, self-confidence people would naturally want to let you succeed. Self-doubt creates a perception of incompetence the example given is for colonel Oliver North and the Iran-Contra Affair, because he never doubted his actions were those of a patriot not a criminal, the public and the court eventually believed him. A man less convinced of his own righteousness would have been severely punished for his crimes and ostracize by the public. What you believe about yourself, the world will believe about you.

Black Heart

While the concept of think face relates to how others see you, the idea of black heart is about achieving your ends. The black hearted person may seem as if they luck compassion, however compassion can be short sighted. If a boss cannot bring himself to make a few employees redundant, he may witness the collapse of the whole business, sometimes to keep your goal and achieve the result that is better overall, you have to be perceived as bad. Appreciate that everyone has a killer instinct, and sometimes we must draw on it. There is a direct correlation between willingness to use your killer instinct and your success in life. There degrees of think face black heartedness, some will do anything to achieve a result not caring about the effect on other. This is the black heart of conmen and the wicked who eventually understand that most of their fair years are due to their character defects. The higher level of black heartedness is reached when you are not driven by your shortcomings and emotions taking action that is driven by your true spirit.

Contrary to common understanding, a good mans action are not always gentle they may be ruthless, cold and dispassionate, the best surgeons are those who concentrate on the tusk ahead, minimizing pain for the patient. They are cruel to be kind; this is the way of the warrior.

Darkness and light

Acknowledge that human beings are a combination of darkness and light the universe is full of opposites recurring another to exist. To have the necessary drive to live life to the full you must appreciate and utilize all aspect of your character if you like to present yourself as sugar courted you may lose out on any opportunity that may require you to seem sewer or hardened. If you are naturally negative, thinker make the most of it and do not try to adopt false positivity, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you must change yourself before you will have success, you can succeed just the way you are. The problem with virtues that it can lead to stern or even violent righteousness. If someone considers themselves virtue less, they lay ground for a witch hunt for people they consider to be lucking virtue. The thick face black heart practitioner knows that virtue is a contrast, what matters is whether a person has the courage to express their full personality in their life and their work.

Deception without Deceit

In the west people have drummed in them the concept of good and evil, black and white but the reality which most Asian people accept is that there are shades of gray. You need to learn that you can be good and the art of deception without being deceitful. You must also appreciate that sometimes to achieve something great and worthy it’s difficult not to bring an element of deception in your actions. The book highlights Abraham Lincoln, who in his slow ascend to power followed the majorities opinion about segregation and slavery. He knew that if he hadn’t he wouldn’t have gained power, however with the solid electoral victory behind him he made the famous Gettysburg Address proclaiming ‘all man are created equal’


The word comes from scent script and mean to support, uphold and nourish it is the natural law that makes the world hung together in its divine coherence. At a personal level, Dharma is the duty that is yours to fulfill in your lifetime, you cannot be a soldiers and refuse to fight, you cannot be a doctor and refuse to operate, if you are a writer you can’t work in a bank. Once you commit yourself to your duty, the universe has a way of protecting you and freeing you from other worries. E-dharma is going against your purpose in life, which only gives you and world misery. Chu looks at the former leaders of Philippine and Pakistan, Corazon Aquino, and Benazir Bhutto, Aquino adopted the patricidal style of her husband, Bhutto the hard line style of her father, neither approach was right for the time in which they governed and both women altimetry failed. They didn’t create their own political style, forgetting the Dharmaic lesson to be yourself.


To survive and thrive, Chu says, amid the caning and the ruthless you have to acquire the ability to Yield, a thick face black  heart would not always hit back if struck, they may just accept the blow if it means by appearing to yield it would help them to achieve their end. Gandhi’s powerful none violence is a good example. In the Asian world Chu says, heroes aren’t judged for their powers in hunting, and shooting tigers but rather for their strength and ability to endure the humiliation of being pigs. Ditch Pride and Preciousness if you want to succeed.


The Chinese character for wealth is composed of two symbols, a sea shell an Asian symbol of trade, and a symbol that literary translated means brilliance but implies the uniqueness that each of us have in terms of a talent and ability. Wealth therefore comes from selling what is unique about you in terms of a product or just you as a person. Although money itself is a mystery whatever best expresses your brilliance will inevitably lead you to wealth it will free you from poverty and give you a mindset that attracts abundance.


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