My BMW Is for Sale.


If you are planning to buy a BMW, you should read this article. I have always had this strong thoughts that “my BMW is not for sale”. That thought has changed. My 1988, 520i M20 Engine went on sale in December 2016. It was 29 years old, out of those, nine years under my custody. I was the third owner. In Europe they say ” If a car this old is still being  driven it’s living on borrowed times”. If it’s driving in Africa, it has it’s whole life ahead of it, just like the road.  I will admit that I knew very little about BMWs except for the fact that “the Germans make the car”, and they are good cars.

While living in Mombasa, I got a tender to supply stationery in one of the leading hotels which had one policy, that they would not accept any delivery if you didn’t show-up in a car. Cars were not common then and deliveries made using other modes of transport were very common. I desired to have a car, and living the Henry Ford dream, I wanted a car I could afford, and that would be a beetle.

If you have been around for awhile, you might be enjoying the luxury the auto industry provides today but to speak the truth, when cars were made, the VW Beetle sent out a good statement. The need for this kind of car, and its functional objectives, was formulated by the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, who wanted a cheap, simple car to be mass-produced for his country’s new road network. Hitler contracted Ferdinand Porsche in 1934 to design and build it. Porsche and his team took until 1938 to finalise the design. Porsche’s design influenced other contemporary cars, such as the Tatra V570 and the work of Josef Ganz remains a subject of dispute.

The result was one of the first rear-engined cars since the Brass Era. With 21,529,464 produced, the Beetle is the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single platform ever made. My dream to own one of this beauties did not mature and on January of 2007, I managed my first ever car, 1988 BMW sedan, it was a 520i with an M20 engine.The BMW E34 is the third generation 5 Series, launched in February 1988. It had a stiffer body and was more streamlined than its predecessor.

The E34 was among the most reliable luxury cars on the market, earning the best-in-class ratings from Intellichoice in 1991, and still considered one of the most reliable BMWs ever made. It was also one of the safest cars on the road during its production, providing airbags, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes, and a very rigid body structure to protect occupants in the event of an accident. It was also equipped with automatic stability control (ASC) or traction control (ASC+T) in later years on higher-specification variants.

The past nine years behind the wheel of 5series have been full of emotions, we traveled the roads together.  We went East, where the sun wakes up with a smile, bringing the earth to life. We went West, where the sun goes to bed handing over duties to the moon and the stars and the hungry wolfs. We went North, to the mountains, the mighty and not, the Soysambu Conservancy touching the dry grass, and the rocks a head and the dust to the horizon. We went south, to the beaches, to where God put all the waters of the earth. We have been together during the day and during the night, with the sunroof open the sun kissing my head and in the middle of the pouring rain. This old folk son of a beach, has been faithful.

Are there some disappointing days? of course yes, a few of them. Like when she blew the fuel relay and I couldn’t figure out what. The accident at 4am when she couldn’t remember home because I was drunk. The day I picked up pieces of my broken shock 300 km away from home. The overheatings, sometimes on traffic, sometimes on the highway, sometimes early in the morning and sometimes late at night. But all the same,this has been a good experience for both of us, we took care of each other. We were faithful friends. So today “Kasuye” as I have often called her IS FOR SALE and the next buyer is looking forward to create his memories, just like me.

But for you out there, if you are thinking of buying a BMW 5 series, please read this article. The 5 series BMW’s second best-selling model after the 3-Series (where I am headed next) and in 2010 produced about 50% of the BMW’s profits. I do not know if I will come back to the 5 series again only time will tell, for now I want to experience what is in store for 3 series club members and when am done here an SUV would be my ideal choice of the future.

One day a friend of mine told me that I love my car too much, I give her too much attention, and too much time. I believe men who invest in toys have mastered the art of praising their toys. But my answer to my friend was that “when you own the same car for nine years, you become companions.


Author: davidaswani

ati Aswani IMG_9441 I am an enterprise consultant, a creative and a tech enthusiast. Am also undertaking my certification in network security at the Cisco Academy. In my spare time, I improve my skills through training’s, tech gatherings and networking. Some of the things that am passionate about is traveling, art, volunteering and cycling, those are the things that keep my blood circulating.

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