Lost in peaceful Kilasiya Waterfalls in Moshi.


My drive of two hours got me to Moshi, not sure what I was going to do, but I was glad I had made it. I had a few options to choose from, this day, I would be either in a dipping my body in a hot spring somewhere, I don’t know where. What I know is that Mufasa, who runs a tour and travel company says that is a good place for cleansing. He took this two ladies to wash from the springs and later they were driving their own cars and happily married, and everytime they see him, they express their gratitudes. For a fact I don’t want a car, I already own one, and i am happily married too, but if the spring would give me a clean wash, at least every man needs a wash everyday.

The other option was I would be in my Airbnb room, and play safe and not be bothered about what was happening behind the walls. Get lost in the internet world and visit the Ngorongoro conservancy from the comfort of my home, I mean temporary home. But wait a minute, Karin story was still fresh in my head, how she and her husband bought a toyota land cruiser in Capetown and she had to drive it herself to Arusha. First I say, she stole my dream, second…..what a brave woman, the few we have. She conquered the loneliness of the road from cape town to Arusha, camped in the wild, survived on cheap food and finally drove through the borders of Tanzania. I may not be that woman, but at least I can try.

So then I asked Pam the (young lady who cares for the house where i am staying and who supplies breakfast on the table every morning) where I should go for the day, go to Moshi she said, you will enjoy the waterfalls there. And the next minute I was on the bus to Moshi, the lady seated beside me on the window was headed to Dar Es Salaam. We exchanged a few words before she disappeared in her earphones….and looked the other side. I was feeling tired so I fell asleep…..just for a few minutes. Moments before we arrived I could see Mt Kilimanjaro, not very clear but just something. It was very cloudy that day. Then I was on the clean streets of Moshi, looking for a place to eat, I was hungry too. I googled, most of the places that showed up were high end, I needed local. Not the Italian chef or the French…..definitely not the French. My last encounter with someone with that title was along the source of River Nile, in Jinja. The police had to intervene.

To my rescue, a small restaurant with buffet offering a walk away from where the bus had dropped me. It was very local, with things I had not seen in my life…..kind of bizarre food channel. Before I could order, I wanted to know my next move, so with all my stupidity I asked the waiter about any attraction I can visit around Moshi. Many people who come here in Moshi, come to climb that mountain, he said……pointing on the direction of Mt Kilimanjaro. I stood up and moved to the serving are to pick my order and after my meal I had to worry about where next. I picked a few people on the streets to ask, and the old man knew what medicine I needed. With all the information from the old man, I set off……first taking a dala dala to Marangu. It was a loong way, the Dala dala was very full, with some people even standing….including women.

By the time we arrived in Marangu I had had enough of it, and I couldnt wait to get out of the whole thing. The clouds were pregnant and it was threatening to pour with the least of provocation. It had taken me five hours to be here so on to the point, I secured a cab to the waterfalls. The guy told me that there are some caves before the waterfalls which I would really love. Lets go to the waterfalls first, I insisted. It was a short drive, we arrived and started trekking to the office and after paying to enter the waterfalls. I was live on Facebook at that time, but the dipper I sunk the more I lost signal. Then it was not possible to be live, or to make a call. The wilderness had welcomed me, and I had accepted it with all my heart.

From a far I could hear the sound of Kilasiya Water Falls, and the sight of the water too, the surrounding was green and wet, filled with fresh air and some taste of herbal. I kept going down until i was resting on the foot of Kilimanjaro and behold the waterfalls smiling at me……from a small distance. I removed my shoes and walked towards her, overwhelmed with the wet surrounding I stood facing her and for the next 30 minutes I was lost in thoughts and in awe of what God had done here. I had completed a mission, and I was breathing very well.

So I started my trek back to civilization, it took all my energy. I was breathing heavy as I kept my balance. Looking back I would see the nice scenery disappearing so I kept going. I kept pushing, until I found myself on the benches beside the office. On my left was a gentleman quenching it all with a bottle of Kilimanjaro beers. For me, I needed tea, just hot black tea. Then I felt fresh, alive and back to Dala dala…….one that took me to Moshi, before I started my journey back to Arusha. I arrived back to the house at 9pm and Pam asked if I had managed to get to Moshi. I asked her how she new about the waterfalls. Thats where I was born and grew up she said. I wondered why I was knowing this too late.

But all the waterfalls was down the drain and another peaceful night was awaiting. I went to bed with great conviction, that I should come back, just like everyone else who has been here.


Author: davidaswani

ati Aswani IMG_9441 I am an enterprise consultant, a creative and a tech enthusiast. Am also undertaking my certification in network security at the Cisco Academy. In my spare time, I improve my skills through training’s, tech gatherings and networking. Some of the things that am passionate about is traveling, art, volunteering and cycling, those are the things that keep my blood circulating.

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