It’s a reality Check!


I woke up today feeling good, it was 630am and my wife was doing her usual, commanding me to take up my duties of making sure she is at the bus stop just in time for her bus to work. I have been doing this for many months now though sometimes I wonder why, not in a bad way. Ideally, it’s a moment that is meant to enhance our marriage.

So, wife on her way to work, I embarked on preparing for my visa appointment. Everything was going great, until I was unable to locate the bank statements. So I did what most married men do, I called my wife, who took me through a painful lesson of how she never knew whatever it is I was doing. But promised to find it in the evening.

I had to plan things with my current situation right? I mean, one way or the other……is the bank statement going to show-up in the middle of nowhere? And since I had lost it in the house, I felt like……back then, I used to live in a house, but now I live in a jungle. Later on my wife has reminded me of how much I have cultured myself to forget.

It’s not even funny, most of the time when I say I forgot, its because I forgot. When I say I don’t want to forget, its because I am worried that I might. When I say I might forget, its mean I am so afraid that shit might happen. Then I will have to apologize to someone.

My reality check is that I am “getting old”, and this things are not going to go away, as a matter of fact, they are going to increase. You know those small stuff you forget doing and everything is okey! When it comes to forgetting, try forgetting your kids in the bus, I mean, just one time………then you will know how messed-up life can look, and if you have to explain it to your wife you might be doing it halfway your grave.

Scientific American writing on “Why do we forget” says that the brain can store a vast number of memories, so why can’t we find these memories when we need to? Our brains are crammed with a massive amount of memories that we have formed over a lifetime of experiences.

These memories range from the profound (who am I and how did I get here?) to the most trivial (the license plate of the car at a stoplight). Furthermore, our memories also vary considerably in their precision. Parents, for instance, often know the perils of a fuzzy memory when shopping for a birthday gift for their child: remembering that their son wanted the Nintendo rather than the playstation portable could make an enormous difference in how well the gift is received.

Thus, the “fuzziness” of our memory can often be just as important in our daily lives as being able to remember lots and lots of information in the first place. So this is me now, still never managed to find my bank statements and still forgetting other stuff……some of them as important as forgetting my kids at the bus, though we jokingly refer to these as ‘senior moments,’ they happen to everyone — from the very young to the very old.

So if you go into the kitchen to write something down on your grocery list, don’t answer your cellphone or let your mind wander to a meeting that morning. Mentally rehearse what you’re doing, and hold it in mind, until you’re finished with the task. You might feel like me, old, or whatever. The truth is that the there is something that needs your attention, before its too late.

The story ends when my wife gets home and she will kick every corner of the house trying to find it, whatever it is. Then she becomes the hero, one who know where everything rests. Unfortunately for her today, there was nothing. Just like they say, “what’s dead is dead” and that includes my bank statements.




Author: davidaswani

ati Aswani IMG_9441 I am an enterprise consultant, a creative and a tech enthusiast. Am also undertaking my certification in network security at the Cisco Academy. In my spare time, I improve my skills through training’s, tech gatherings and networking. Some of the things that am passionate about is traveling, art, volunteering and cycling, those are the things that keep my blood circulating.

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