Yes, It’s the death of our nation.


When I invited a friend to come to a Tech event I was organizing in Uganda, he went straight to Wikipedia, one, because he loves it, he has used this tool to learn about the things he does, gardening, renovating houses, fixing kitchen etc. He later pinged me on Skype and told me his finding, he just learned that life expectancy in Uganda is 58 years. That did not surprise me, in Kenya we are at 64 years, a difference of 6 years only. This is an African reality, the rich continent, where leaders cling on power for decades while their people die of diseases that can be cured easily. As my friend always says, “he just perished, like a good African”…. that’s his father.


The wealth of Africa is something we just read in books, the wealth and poverty of nations – David S. Landis, Fortunes of Africa-Martin Meredith, The looting Machine-Tom Burgis and the list goes on. It’s the looting of Africa that would concern many, especially those living in Africa. The century right now is ripe for an African story, story of how a village boy becomes President of a nation, how a young woman conquers traditions and community obstacle that have been against girl child to head a cooperation. How young people men and women are turned into entrepreneurs overnight through the use of IT and other modern tools. How a young man, with access to the internet becomes a gold medalist in javelin, this and many more are Africa’s rich stories.


But the sad stories don’t make it well to the world, it’s a fact that nobody really cares if the west are looting the continent. It’s also a fact that nobody cares if Africans are looting themselves. I would imagine that since the west have been doing this for a while, they have mastered that game, First we were colonized, and we had to fight for our freedom, then when we finally got it, the same people became our friends, in forming governments, in economics, in foreign relations, and in trade. I think it’s a big lie. It’s doubtful that after years of being on our heads, they would wish well for us, but I stand to be corrected. Maybe they are different. For me I doubt the man who gives the children milk, while torturing their fathers is a friend, But that aside, it’s important to agree that “WE” have been defeated, and we should get used to that, for the democracies that we helped build while we were slaves are 300 years ahead of us, the sad reality.


But when some of the white people pretended to leave, they left some black people with a white pocket with a great desire of want. Some of them commanded a great amount of wealth of the people which they eventually took from them. The people owed them for the fight they put to send the white man to their way. I would say that this, was the beginning of a lost nation, we immediately created a culture that embraced a thief, not the one that steals chicken but that who steals Ksh 2 billion, that in our faces was a thief with grace. Today, African leaders want to loot from their countries left, right and centre, that’s not the problem, the problem is that they have stored all their loot outside Africa, in Swizz banks, Cayman Island, Coney Island, Great Britain etc.


While their people die from diseases that could be cured, they have enjoyed their lavish lives, build walls that protect them from the people they steal from, taken their kids to expansive schools abroad and when they cut their piece of cake in the evening, they boost how they work hard to make it happen. I agree the west have been stealing the minerals of this great continent, generated wars and supplied expensive ammunitions to the warlords and militia groups to destabilize the continent, but with the same breath I wonder, why are the African leaders doing the same. Why do they put the young mothers in trouble, the sick, the poor and the true citizen of the nation who try very hard to build it? We refuse to let Africans to die like “good Africans” mothers dying while delivering, children dying because of drinking dirty water, doctors who care more about the money than how to best save a life.


We talk no more about the wars, in West Africa, central Africa, south Sudan, and Somalia. The economic crisis in Zimbabwe and South Africa, the oil spill in Nigeria, Civil wars and leaders who don’t want to let go of power, in Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, etc. Africa is a great continent, but it’s the Dark Continent that everybody is trying to run away from, we have created an immigration crisis in Europe, mostly economical. Can Africa stand on it’s on? Off course yes, with the wealth and not forgetting the loot that take refuge in Swizz banks, why not. We always say that someday things will be better, they should. It took us over 100 years to defeat the colonizers and get our independence, the only trouble is that we do not have 100 years. Things have to work well and they have to work well now.


I go to bed every night and wonder, is my nation dead? The people who have been involved in big scandals, billions of shillings walk free on the streets and mock us, how poor we are that we do not work hard, that is if they are not still in the office. But most of them still hold public office and every salaries and the loot in their equal measure. Even the churches have stolen from the congregation and made them poor, and still with courage every Sunday they still stand at the pulpit and ask for more. They (con preachers) are everywhere, on the streets, in church, on TV, in hospital, they ask you to plant a seed, but it’s always to their benefit.


Our society is dead. The citizens of Africa have been let down by their leaders. We are surrounded by war resulting from bad leadership, poverty and poor governance. We will not die like honorable African… good Africans but die while pursuing our goals of making our continent better. We keep the fight, the fight that will liberate the continent in focus.


Apollo 11 vs the Internet.


A Kenyan basic needs are food, shelter, clothing and connectivity. When an average Kenyan wakes up in the morning, they don’t touch their spouse, (if they are married) or walk the dog, or make breakfast. They pick up the phone, open all the social media application and go through them if not all, most of them. This is a new era of technology, I remember a while back there was this big argument that IT sector is going to overtake Electricity as a cable consumer, yes, and even I wondered how? But today, we talk undersea cables. This is the era, while you are a sleep, computers are trading in bitcoins, credit cards are being accessed, and hackers are looking around in your personal information-how much you are worth, the world in still awake by the fact that they are connected to the internet.


Technology has played a very important role and still does in improving the way we live, work and interact. I can start to mention a million smart inventions that we enjoy today, but then, it will take a million years.., no am kidding. Yes but you will agree with me, from complex and high end to simple and free, easy to use, available technology is always around us. The world today is filled with smartphones-both high end and low cost that are a million times faster than the computer on the Apollo11, yes it means today, we can go to the moon faster and easier that we did decades ago. Am not an astronaut but am sure you get my point.


When the World Wide Web was invented by English scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1989, He didn’t maybe imagine how his invention will colonize the world, yea true, the level at which we are dependent on technology would be described as the colonization of the human race. But that’s just the bad side, the good side is that we are able to improve how we do things and how we connect with xyz. So, we buried the old way of doing things and opted for the new, and a new world emerged. Today, the only physical mail I get is from eBay, yes, I shop online sometimes. I hold an iPhone 4s I got from my sister when she upgraded to a 6s, yes, that’s how good this stuff are designed, to last longer. With it, I can make calls, browse the internet, hold skype meetings, and connect to personalized business applications and transfer and receive money.


In Kenya, there are many invention that surround the mobile phone and connectivity. Internet connectivity alone adds around 4% to our GDP, no wonder our government has been so reluctant to regulate it, or maybe today, we just have the best government. M-Pesa allows you to send and receive money, receive-from everywhere in the world. M-Shuari another invention allows you to save on your mobile account and you can get loans against your savings. Okoa-Jahazi, another invention allows you to get airtime on credit, just in case you are stuck and needed to make that urgent call and you have no money to buy airtime.


We have local apps that connects us to our back accounts and we can check balances and transfer funds, others connect us to the road, we can check the flow of traffic and see which routes to avoid, others connects us to family and friends we haven’t seen for years just because they are stuck in the land of opportunity, without documentation and are not able to travel home. We are able to get new alerts from when they happen, where they are happening. Videos have been used in concluding investigations and closing cases. The world has been turned around with technology and the future is as bright and you can imagine. Today, I got a call from my friend, he was very worried that after googling my name, he did not find much. Yes, we are on google, your CV is in a cloud somewhere and every time you need it, you request and it appears.


There is no doubt that information technology has been the best invention since man landed on the moon, and it has been a big employer and customer to many. Today, we are able to access information on the GO, when I go to my doctor and explain my symptoms, he always runs on Google, (this is a bad example but true). It doesn’t matter how you use this tool, it may create heaven or hell.

Hotel Alimara

We were all sitting on a round table, with our laptops open, Radek looked down on his screen, his fingers hung over the edge of his keyboard as if his wrists were broken. I couldn’t blame him, for days he had worked hard to make sure that the event JandBeyond was a success. His brilliance reflected this independence as he regularly found his way through challenges with grace matched by only a handful of engineers in the world. Radek is Polish, but his wife Sigrid, while having dinner narrated to me how they met. He was working for her, and they fell in love in the process……..and it was a good thing she says. They got married in Poland, but he, Radek had to wait three months to be able to travel to Germany and be with his wife, then, there was no European Union. They now live and work in Germany, and they keep bees.


We were five of us hard at work in the conference hall of the Hotel Alimara in Barcelona, Spain. Our team since I joined had been working well, and this was the first time we would be all of us in one room. We are called Joomla Event Team, one of many teams working with This regular website where millions of websites are born and it’s among the most trafficked website on earth. Radek as now you know him is our team leader, but he is also a member of other teams including the Joomla Event Travel (JET) a program he pioneered and is now very proud of. His passion for Joomla is evident, every morning he would display his coffee on a table that in inhabited by everything Joomla, and the mug would be Joomla too. At least that’s how I came to know him.


We are all developers, Sigrid who works with her husband Radek in Germany, keeps us alive, she organizes our meetings and work schedules. Rowan, the lady with a big heart working from her London apartment with a great view of the London city-none like her in London, Carlos, the polite but strict Spanish guy who also loves running, through his company working on different successful project and then me, the guy who cycles daily in Nairobi Kenya doing design and enterprise consultancy. But all our work in Joomla was invisible, hidden inside the glowing screens of our laptops. What no one could possibly know is at the click of a button from any of our web browser, we would launch features that would instantly have an impact on millions of people around the world, yet to the person sitting near me, for all they care, I was playing solitaire. Rowan once told me-and I say this with a lot of love, that it took years for her mother to understand what it is she does, as far as she was concerned, her daughter stirred at a computer screen, like somebody who needs help.


The most amazing thing about our digital age is that the person next to you in a Starbucks might just be hacking into a Swiss bank or launching multiwarhead nuclear missiles continents away. Or maybe he’s just on Facebook. You can’t tell the difference unless you’re nosy enough to peek over his shoulder. Hidden behind our ordinary appearance were unusual facts. Although we were in the same team, our sitting together was a rare occurrence. Most of the time worked online. This meeting in Barcelona is the first we have all worked in the same room, but on a daily basis we are working in different countries and continents.


The very idea of working remotely seems strange to most people until they consider how much time at traditional workplace is spent working purely through computers. If 50 percent of your interaction with coworkers is online, perhaps through e-mail and web browsers, you’re not far from what does. The difference is that work at is done primarily, often entirely, online, and probably most important by a team of volunteers. Some people, most people, work together for months without even being on the same continent. Teams can organize to meet during world events, to recharge the intangibles that technology can’t capture, like sharing hii-fives with a bottle of beer. Which explains our trip in Barcelona.


Here is what you don’t expect to do on your first meeting, Budget and Budget cut, for the event team. Most people doubt that online meetings work, but they somehow overlook that most in-person meetings don’t work either. Being online does mean everyone might be distracted, but plenty of meeting today are filled with people with their laptops open, messaging each other about how bored they are.  My theory is if what is being discussed is important, people will pay attention and in our meeting, Budget seemed to be the only topic of discussion and after that, we talked about other things, other personal things.


Later that day we all took seats at the bar, enjoying the conversation and some drinks. Many people know my name, but its only today that they can put a face on the name. When we are working on Glip or on email, you don’t see people’s faces. During our meetings on Hangout, most people don’t show their faces too. It’s difficult to know how they have changed or what color of hat they are wearing. But this kind of meetings allow you to answer some of the most disturbing questions on how your team mates look.


When you tell your neighbor that you have a Job, then spent the rest of the day, week, months, or year indoors, it’s difficult for them to believe you. And that’s just how internet has changed the way we work. For the Joomla Event Team, office was Hotel Alimara, so was home. And when we are in our different continents, we still have our office open on Glip, our tasks remain the tickets we solve-a ticket is when somebody sends a request, like a problem. Our boardroom is Hangout and skype and we live and breathe GitHub. With the hundreds of volunteers involved in Joomla community, the designers, programmers, engineers, translators, the people who sit behind their computers and launch applications that impact millions of users in the world.


The biggest consumers of coffee, this for them is where their work is, their heart is and their commitment is. It’s important to say that for me, Joomla has been a home, a wonderful place to work, network, make friends, interact and create strong bond of friendship. And when I look at people in action, all under the leadership of Sarah Watz, the President of OSM the future has never been brighter.

Let’s share the Road

bike 1

The day started on a very low note, on 3rd June Dr. Edwin Lawrence Khayo was killed by a hit and run driver while cycling on Thika Highway. A large number of cyclist have come to give him a memorial send-off and voice their concern about road safety especially when it comes to cyclist. Nairobi, just like any other big city has today increased number of cycling related accidents, this is mainly blamed on reckless driving and luck of proper infrastructure that can support and promote cycling.

A while back, a group (I mean a really large number) of cyclist in London put up a safety demonstration and campaign in the city to push for road safety awareness and concern. While they marched on the streets of London and concluded by laying on the road with lit candles, and meeting representatives of the government, they opened a debate on the importance of “safety first” for all road users. Apparently, cycling related deaths on London roads is alarming. More cyclist are killed in London roads more than any other city, Florida is at a close second per capita basis.

According to the World Health Organizationroad traffic injuries caused an estimated 1.25 million deaths worldwide in the year 2010. That is, one person is killed every 25 seconds. Only 28 countries, representing 449 million people (7% of the world’s population), have adequate laws that address all five risk factors (speed, drink–driving, helmets, seat-belts and child restraints). Over a third of road traffic deaths in low- and middle-income countries are among pedestrians and cyclists. However, less than 35% of low- and middle-income countries have policies in place to protect these road users

For Nairobi, a city that has just picked up the cycling culture, things are not rosy and this is the reason. Our city has for a while now struggled with road discipline. It unfortunate in the 20 century, our roads are still and unsafe as when we never used to have a road at all. Most countries in Africa have struggled with infrastructure development, Kenya in one of those countries who are still behind. On the other hand our traffic laws implementation has been a hard nut to crack.

bike 4


If you look at our highways for example, often there is over speeding by the drivers, overlapping, drunk and driving, reckless driving and the list goes on. At any time a reckless driver causes death, they always walk free and back on the road the following day. On a road that is expected to benefit everybody, it’s only the motorist who think that they deserve to be on it, when the road is for the public.

Since we have not secceded in infrastructure development, we don’t have designated spots for walking or cycling. Countries that are advanced in this have seen the number of cycling related accidents come down significantly and for us to be able to achieve that, we need to do the same, and even more.

What demonstrators in London were demanding is improved safety on the road, improved infrastructure by creating cycling lanes, amendments of laws to enable justice to prevail for the victims of careless driving. In Nairobi, we have started this long journey of pushing for the same, and for us, its a long and dark road. But for our campaign today, we want to say strongly that behind a helmet, there if a life and a family.

bike 3

It is important that when people look at the person on the bike, they should not see the bike but human life. A life that is important and a life that should be protected and preserved. Everybody has a means to get him to where they are going and using a bike is one of those means. To respect somebody who is one a bike and accord him the much needed right to be on the road should not be something we debate about. But then our society is broken, and the other way to fix it is by voicing our concerns by demonstrations and petitions. This is unfortunate.

For the world cities that have managed to accord safety and enjoyment for cyclist, we can do nothing but emulate you. Cities like Amsterdam and Portland. On a trip to Spain and Barcelona, my eyes were open to how this advanced societies have embraced cycling as a way on life. How wonderful and safe it was cycling in Barcelona and Fitou. When we see this Cities in action, we have no doubt in our heart that this is a struggle that we can win, we have to win and we should win. A city, belongs to a generation and when we start thinking like that, we try and repair and mend the broken while we create the new.

Edwin Khayo was a doctor working at Mathari National Teaching and Referral Hospital. Am sure he loved his work, am sure he helped many people in his line of duty, am sure there people who are alive today because of his dedication to his work. He loved, loved to cycle. But am sad, because he is no more. His passion took him to his bike and because of one reckless driver, who could not respect human life, Edwin Khayo died at age 31 years. And for us, we are here to make sure that his death, is not in vain.

bike 2

Today we cycle for a good cause, we cycle together for our brother. We light candled under the bridge where he lost his life and say a prayer to the fallen hero. And our desire is to let the world know that as a human being, there is no dignity in not respecting human life.

Let’s share the road, lets respect human life.

“Have you boarded the train?”

Fitou from a distance

A lot can be said about Europe, and this time, the debate about who stays in the EU and who leaves. Britain will be holding a referendum, which will determine their fate. But you cannot miss the immigration issue, the big topic that has put everyone on an alert. This is the time that member countries have tried to undo the NO-boarder policy. And for me, this might not be the best time to visit this land of milk, honey and the sunny side up. First you have to go through a lot of scrutiny, as for me, my visa was denied until I had to appeal. Then you are on the watch, every step, when you arrive until the day you leave.

This did not dampen my spirit. I traveled to Barcelona to attend the JandBeyond conference, one of Joomla World Event. And when we landed and had disembarked, I was pulled aside by a Spanish Police, who expected me to respond to questions asked in Spanish. On learning that I couldn’t speak Spanish, he pulled me aside for a while. I can not blame him though, I was the only black person on the plane that had arrived from Istanbul, Turkey.

The best story is that I had a wonderful time in Barcelona, meeting my fellow Joomlars, I networked and had fun during my stay there. Jab16 was a great conference for me, it was the first time I was attending a Jab conference and I was not disappointed. After the conference, it was my birthday, and Rowan Hoskyns-Abrahall picked me from the hotel for a city tour with Alison Meeks. We visited the dead, who rested on the hill facing the sea. Later that day she made dinner for all. Cliff Pfeifer, George Wilson and David Steadson were in the house and when Rowan brought the cake, with candles waiting for me to make a wish. David was singing in Swedish while George was taking the video. This was one of my most treasured moment. The following day we went on a tour that ended at Makamaka Beach Burger Cafe for lunch and later I took my train to Perpignan, France.

Christine and Hagen Graf had booked my train to France and after driving 2000 Km from Germany, they arrived in good time to pick me. I was expected, and that felt good, I remember Christine’s first words after we had hugged was that she hoped I drink bubble water-carbonated water to be precise. Off course I did not forget Hagen picking me from the train station, and we drove 35km to Fitou enjoying the view of the Mediterranean, the lake and the hills where electricity is harvested.

I was at home in Fitou, I must say I have met very few people as kind as my hosts Hagen and Christine. They have a passion for improving old houses and giving them a new look, and all this they do with their hands. When Hagen talks about this, he says that they are preparing for their retirement, which might be true, but for me, I understand passion when I see one. I had my own apartment, the bed was big enough for my and my pillow, with a nicely decorated bedside lamp and side table. My bedroom was upstairs, the ground floors was filled with Kitchen machinery I never used a dinning table that I placed my key every time I was home and a sitting room that I sat in less than two minutes everyday.

Breakfast was served 8:30am every day except the day I was departing, then we had do earn our lunch, Hagen was demolishing the basement of my apartment to fit in a garage. We called that the demo day, and earned strawberries and Yogurt for lunch. We had to dump the waste some 5 km away, this is Europe, you just don’t put shit everywhere. This was my personal time with Hagen, we talked like real men, about real stuff. After a days work we were happy at the dinner table with candle light, Christine would prepare a meal and served, Hagen worked on the wine department, and kept our glasses half full, I was the handy man, the person who did not have a job description but still worked on something. Then we talked and laughed into the dark.

57 Demo Day

We jumped to the garden many times, through something that looked like a window but served as a door. One day while I was at the garden, Christine said “David can you please close the window for me” and I had to ask, whether it was a window or a door. I also picked strawberries from the garden, the day Jörg came and we went with him to buy Oysters and something I can’t remember. We also went to the lake so that he could show me how Oysters are kept. I tried my hand on dinner that day, with off course the help of Christine. And it was candles, wine and Oysters.

The following morning Jörg left for Switzerland early in the morning. The story was that he was wearing a camping light on his head, he did not want to switch on the light and wake Christine up, the story was funny. And that same day I earned my off day, 50 Euros and we went out for lunch. That afternoon we had a wonderful moment with Christine, walking around and testing wine. Then we finally arrived at the mayor’s office and bought some post cards. Later that day when I asked Hagen to sign them for me, he complained about the quality, opening his Flicker, he showed me with pictures he had taken himself, how beautiful Fitou is and kept complaining about the Mayor’s post cards.

During the neighbors party, there was food and drinks surrounded by people, some were crazy and others where just having a good time. Then there was loud music that went on the whole night and Christine could not sleep. The following morning, Hagen being a good husband tried to console her with words of encouragement, and it worked. The day before my travel was the family day out, there was no work. In the posh car we drove to Perpignan, walked around the market, ate chocolate and bought chicken for lunch. We later went to the beach and while we were walking this couple kissed by the sea for 15 minutes.

Tour De Fitou

When my travel date arrived, I had wine from Fitou in my bag. Hagen drove me to the airport-in Barcelona. He had to pay for all the tolls. I remember telling him that I have seen him touch his wallet more that he touched his phone. But despite being stopped after entering Spain, we were still in high spirits when we arrived at the airport and Hagen after checking me in had to do the return home alone. I can see Christine welcoming him home when he arrived, that’s how she is. Hagen says that “when I met her, my life changed completely. Now am happy” But that change came with him having to eat more salad. For me, I was lucky, every morning she prepared my sunny side up, but she told me I should not eat eggs everyday.

I have since returned home and to be honest, eggs are now unthinkable luxury. All I can say is Europe was good to me, not the continent but the people, and I will forever be thankful for the wonderful moments I had in Fitou.

Ragged Dick

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Book Review

Street Life in New York with the Boot-Blacks

At a time when central park was still a rough track of land lined with workers hats, there was a boot black known as Ragged Dick. With his mother dead and his father gone to sea, Dick spends his day shinning shoes for businessman, his evenings, if he has some spare coins watching cheap plays at the Old Bellary Theatre and his nights in doorways, rapped up in newspapers, if he is flash he will stay at the News Boys Lodging House for 6 cents a night and buy a meal at a café.

After an unexpected windfall Dick rents a squalid room that to him seems impossibly luxurious, in return for tutelage, he lets another boy the ones well cared for well-read Hendry Falls Dick shares his room. This two person’s self-improvement society is perfect for both; Dick gets an education and Falls Dick a place out of the cold. Though they must live through a series of adventures, the boys find a way to succeed. Dick’s delights in a few things, like a new suite of clothes, opening a bank account and eating a piece of steak. Dick is very likable, he has pluck and whet to balance his ernest strivings to be spectable and despite firsthand experience of the best roads and swindlers the city has to offer, he is a perennial optimist.

Make your own luck

Dick’s big break comes on a ferry crossing into Brooklyn, he sees a child fall over the side into the water and wastes no time before jumping in somehow managing to pull the child to safety, the panicked father who could not swim is amazed to have his child alive and promises Dick and reward. Later the man offers Dick a job in a counting house at 10 dollars a week, many times his current earnings, a great stroke of luck? Not really, for Dick’s selflessness was the cause for this good fortune, and his diligence in self-education every night meant that he could be hired without the slightest weft of charity. Luck happens to those who greatly increase the chances of its occurrence.

Whatever you do, do it to your outmost

Life seems to require that even if we do not seem to like what we are doing, we must do it to the best of our ability before we can move on to the next thing, Raged Dick is only a boot black but he uses his profession to save money, meet a higher class of people and generally better himself.

Become a reader

Dick meets the son of a wealthy man and shows him around the city for a day, later the boy’s father tells Dick that in this country poverty is no bar to achievement and relates to his own rise from an apprentice printer to successful businessman. He note that there was one thing he took away from the printing office which I value more than money, when Dick asks what it was, the man replies, a taste for reading and study, during my leisure hours I improved myself by study, and acquired the large part of knowledge which I now possess. Indeed it was one of my books that first put me on the track of the invention, which I afterwards made, so you see my Lord that my studious habits paid me in money and as well as in another way.

Be a saver but be generous

When Dick receives unexpected sum of 5 dollars, he opens a bank account. The amount that builds gives him a great source of security and pride, as he no longer has to live hand to mouth, while delighted that he is now a capitalist, he is quick to help a friend in need, Falls Dick the boy with whom he shares his lodging wants to get an office job, instead of shining shoes, so Dick purchases’ a suite of proper clothes for him. On another occasion, he helps a friend whose mother is ill.

Never cheat steal or lie

Though temptation to do otherwise are often great, Dick has a personal code that stealing is mean, his sense of honor and fair play which appears naïve to some type finally proves to be the source of his success. For someone who lives from day to day his believe in doing right is remarkably far sited. The character Mr. Whitney tells Dick that remember your future depends upon yourself and that it will be high or low as you choose to make it. Honesty which seems old fashion to the first crowd is the basis of all enduring success, since it brings with it knowledge of the self.

Don’t drink or smoke

Long before a medical evidence of its harm was available, Alger was calling smoking a filthy habit that gave no dignity to the smoker drinking off course was even worse, it was the enemy of frugality because you could blow your weeks savings in a night on the grog and the enemy of industry because the inevitable hangovers affected your working day. The temperance movement seems okayed today but scores of life would be better without even a moderate intake of alcohol, it sacked dried, pickled the independent mind and eroded good character.

Get The Jab

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to JandBeyong. If I could offer you only one tip to a better life, JAB would be it, the long term benefits of JAB has been proved by Joomla scientists, whereas the rest of my advice, has no basis more reliable than my own meandering experience.

Robert Deutz the organizer for Jand Beyong, in his forward says “JAB is fun-and Iam not talking about the JOSCARS, JFACTOR or the time at the bar”. He should know better, am sure he does. The theme this year was; A FAMILY GATHERING. For sure you all know what happens in family gatherings. So you all see what am talking about. I will despense this advice now.

Enjoy the power and beauty of Joomlers, well never mind……….you will not understand the power and beauty of Joomlers until it has faded, that is if it will fade. But trust me….in twenty years you’ll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can’t grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked. You are not as lonely as you thought.

Fly, Not like a bird but in an aeroplane. Most JAB event are a flight away, and when I say a flight away I mean, you might be on the train or a bus or something…. but to be honest, I havent met anyone who arrived at JAB in a bicycle, but in a minute or two, the hotel will be full of people. So if you are scared of flying, atleast do one thing that scares you.

Floss, dont waste your time on Jealousy, sometimes you are at JAB, sometimes you are not, so have a good camera, a good phone and if possible a selfie stick and have a good time. Take adverntage of crowds, thats where the action is always at. Take pictures at the lobby with other Joomlers and post them on your social media and forget that you have problems-if you succed doing this, tell me how. And when you fill you have something to tell the world, blog.

Run, Join the Jrunners at the hotel lobby at 7am, you will meet some cool people who love to do what you love to do. You will run to the streets, then decide to run to the hill, to Tibidabo, it will be difficult getting to the top and some will drop out of the race and some will push on and when you finally get there, you will see a beautiful view of the city de Barcelona. You will take salfies and you will have earned your breakfast, but not until you run back to the hotel before 9am.

Learn, Attend all the keynotes, Be(e) Community by Radek Suski, A day in the life of a UX designer by Chiara Aliotta, Would it be easier if we all spoke English by Brian Teeman-am sorry, I have to write this article in English. Be at the breakout rooms, there is always a reason why they are there, just as I said, so that you can learn something. Ask question and angage the audiance and much as you can, if possible, make your contributions.

Network, Look forward to the meals, the healthy break at the lobby, with snanks and drinks and Joomlers to interact with. Sit on a table with people you dont know, or havent talked to, or people you dont like, you never know, you might start liking them. Exchange contact at the table, talk about stuff, Joomla stuff you are doing in your country, and your families too. Laugh, laugh and laugh because you never know when you will meet them again. And when you meet them again somewhere, remember their names and continue talking.

Be Crazy, Dont miss the JOSCARS and JFACTOR, I mean, dont miss those two kids. They have a way of making you realise the talents you have, it maybe shouting, making faces, singing, magic, hitting drums like Cliff or bending metals and nails. If you are crazy enough, show your bad underwear, accomblanied with your bad dancing styles but remember, you will still have tomorrow to face the same crowd. Whatever it is, you will be glad that you tried it and if you win, you will brag for a whole year.

The Bar, Know that its always open at 5pm and everybody will be waiting for that moment. The people you want to meet will be there. You will not need your wallet am sure because Jab always has it sorted. There are soft drinka too, for Joomlars who dont drink, or you can try different cocktails by yourself. You can carry your beer from home too, and brag about how good it tastes. Dont be stationary, get to different table and feel different moods of Joomlers. Some beer makes them relaxed and some, it improves their energy, but for the noise, there is nothing we can do about the noise.

Tour, Get yourself a T10 metro ticket, you will have ten rides on the metro. Tour the Arena De Barcelona, Sadrida Familia, Rambla Street or Cathedral De Barcelona. Pick the maps, read direction even if you do not follow them, ask for a toilet-in Spanish and pray that you said the right words. If you like something, take photos, they will remind you when you are back home. Value every minute, be selfish with time, yea really, its those things you cant recover when they are gone. If its summer, you will enjoy long days and off course very short nights. Remember your way back home and the time the metro will go to sleep, if you miss both, you will destroy a whole days work.

Check-out, But don’t be in a harry to leave the hotel, there is always somebody who feels they should be around for a few more hours, or even days. Trust me, you will not be alone. You will find yourself in a group of Joomlers and you will creat some awosome memories. But if your cab shows-up, just leave, you might miss your flight back home, or whatever your next destination. When you are home, you will have alot to smile about.

Remember one fact, that Joomlers will always attend JAB, it will always be fun, the keynote will be always be great, you will be allowed to be crazy at the JFACTOR and JOSCARS, you will learn, network and interact alot, there will be great meals and the beer, the beer tap will keep running. Maybe some broken bottles, or glasses, but it will be worth the lose. And you will love your family gathering.

Gracias Barcelona